My School – Ottawa Hills

Mission Statement

The Staff of Ottawa Hills High School is committed to the ideals of providing both quality and equitable education for all students.  We have high expectations for and encourage excellence in all of our students. We seek to promote high self-esteem in each individual and mutual respect for one another.  Our commitment is to promote and maintain a quality education for all students.

We are committed to providing a quality education where student success
is encouraged, expected, and achieved.




Ottawa Hills High School is located in the southeast side of Grand Rapids. It encompasses a diverse economic, ethnic, racial and religious population that is representative of the new global economy.  The emphasis of Ottawa’s efforts is on technology, effort-based project learning, extended learning, and increased state and national assessments.


Principal Rodney Lewis

2055 Rosewood Ave, SE
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49506
Office: 616-819-2900


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