Resources for Teaching At-Risk Students


We have a large number of at-risk youth in our schools, and they must be addressed to move our educational system (as well as our economy) forward.  I have been committed to working in a high-needs school and know that there are many things that these schools and teachers in these schools need to address and do differently.  It is definitely a challenge, but the rewards are tremendous and I can’t imagine working anywhere else.  These schools need great teachers, need committed educators, and need public support.

“We all need someone who inspires us to do better than we know how.”  — Anonymous

Below is a list of some alarming statistics regarding our at-risk youth.  I have also added several great articles on this subject that I hope you will read to gain a better understanding of how we can reach these children and lead them to successful and productive lives!

2,374,957 children live in Michigan

Child Poverty in Michigan
Number of poor children   – 538,649 (23.5%)
Number of children living in extreme poverty   – 248,100

Child Hunger in Michigan:
Number of children who receive food stamps   – 681,000
Number of children in the School Lunch Program   – 910,364

Child Welfare in Michigan:
Number of children who are victims of abuse and neglect   – 32,412
Number of children in foster care   – 16,412
Number of children adopted from foster care   – 2,597
Number of grandparents raising grandchildren   – 70,213

Children and Reading and Math Levels:
Percent of public school fourth graders:
unable to read at grade level   – 68.8%
unable to do math at grade level   – 65.2%

Percent of public school eighth graders:
unable to read at grade level   – 67.9%
unable to do math at grade level   – 69.2%

Dropout and Graduation Rates:
Number of 16 to 19 year-olds who have dropped out of high school – 29,700
Averaged freshman high school graduation rate – 75.3%
Number of juvenile arrests – 30,678

Source of data above:

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Article list:
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